Suppliers is the specific module for supplier relationship management

Under Tesis Suppliers,the information of existing contracts, performance and expected performance of individual professionals or supplier companies will be available within the service management processes.

How it works

Tesis Suppliers contains information about contracts with consultants and external service providers. All contractual agreements indicate the services that the consultant or external company has committed to provide, with an indication of the expected service levels (SLAs), if necessary, as well as its duration and the economic agreements established for their disbursement.

The Tesis Suppliers may include contracts that simply concern the provision of consulting hours or days, rather than supply contracts for the provision of services to infrastructure, assets or customers.

Tesis will make available and visible during the various service processes any contractual agreements with suppliers that may be or are involved in those processes.

Tesis supplies features

Complete control over contracts and services

Through Tesis Suppliers the service organisation can have straightforward and complete control over its suppliers and their contracts.

The technical manager can have evidence of existing and expiring contracts at all times, in particular, he can constantly monitor the service level provided by his partners.

Whether the contracts provide service on the company’s assets, the technical manager will be able to assess the usefulness and convenience compared to other economic choices. Monitoring the costs of supplies and suppliers will enable the technical manager to make better choices and decide whether to move developments within or outside his organisation.

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