Service process management software

Over 20 years, NewTeam has been designing and developing software solutions to optimize business process management in customer service and e-health.


A professional team with extensive experience based on knowledge and skills acquired through the many projects carried out with leading Italian companies.

Our job is to make quality software to manage service processes. The solutions we provide are rich in experience, customized to your needs, and help add efficiency to your processes


We address to companies that need structured management of their customer service activities and the e-health field. We believe that computerized management processes and projects should be as simple as possible, and ensuring efficiency and quality.

We listen, uncover your needs and speak your language. We produce your solution and take it into operation only when both parties are satisfied; then we stand by your side to evolve it.


Hundreds of processes have been analyzed and we monitor all ongoing projects in every area. Getting into the issues and situations allows us to continually advance the tools, shaping each solution according to the specific needs of our clients.
We start from your need, streamline it and solve it through an IT solution.
This is the most effective technical response.
In summary, our preferred approach to undertake together with the client is this:

  • dialogue and listening during process discovery
  • transparency and sharing our experiences
  • ability to shape tools based around real customer needs and evolve them.