Healthcare professional appraisal management softwa

Staff working in public and private health care facilities are the added value and most important source of business success. Obtaining as much detailed information as possible on the quality of the work performed by each member is essential to initiating a proper and effective assessment process. In the same time, establishing a set of clear and shared goals results in having a common goal toward which to strive. Therefore, from the achieved results, a real optimization and improvement process can be set up. Corporate and personal training, including mandatory attendance devices, must be embedded in corporate objectives and carried out consistently. Training planning and programming processes are an important and burdensome business activity. This necessitates having a variety of information on the progress of the organization and the goals achieved by each facility member. Accordingly, an efficient and structured flow of data must reach the decision maker’s table to ensure that negotiations and planning can be managed appropriately.


  • Personnel registry

  • Innovation project tracking

  • Maintenance management of process activities

  • Employee training management

  • Collection and assessment of indicators

  • Statistical reporting