The Tesis service process management application suite

Life cycle support
Managed by a customized software

Configurable solutions

Tesis is concerned with the management of orders, interventions and projects. It recognizes queries and facilitates their recording through simple search keys, identifying the subject of the intervention. It interfaces with external outsourced service providers, monitors the schedules of its own technical and material assets, and uses statistical control to improve business efficiency.

The configuration is suitable for companies in the following areas:

  • IT and systems support

  • Home appliance support

  • Electrical and technological plants

  • Office equipment support

  • Hardware, software and IT network support

  • Manufacturing industry

Tesis allows complete management of internal maintenance scheduling. Provides a leaner, tidier and more productive solution for managing the activities of internal staff engaged in technical support. Using high process automation, including approval steps, Tesis speeds up maintenance work, manages service providers by minimizing waste, and demonstrates the value of the internal department.

The configuration is suitable for companies that have internally:

  • IT department that manages computers, printers, smart phones, and other IT tools

  • Department that manages the company’s real estate assets and building automation systems

  • Department managing a corporate fleet vehicles.

Tesis provides constant visibility into the commitments and workloads of its resources. As such, this helps an organization that must manage the diversity of interventions integral to global service type maintenance contracts. It allows effective control of costs and overall asset use in order to provide a real-time report of the organization’s activities