Suppliers is the module for managing relationships with suppliers

Through TESIS Suppliers, within IT management processes, existing contract information, performance and expected performance of individual staff or supplier companies will be available.

How it works

Information about contracts with consultants and external service provider companies is contained in Tesis Suppliers. All contractual agreements indicate the services that the consultant or external company has committed to provide, with an indication of the expected service levels (SLAs), if necessary, as well as its duration and the economic agreements established for their disbursement.

Contracts covering the simple provision of consulting hours or days may be entered into Tesis Suppliers, rather than contracts providing infrastructure, asset or business user services.

Tesis Suppliers allows any attachments to be kept within the supplier contract that can assist the IT manager in carrying out daily tasks. It may contain files of any format that will refer to orders, communications or invoices or whatever else that may be useful in the relationship phase with the supplier itself.

Tesis Suppliers Features

Complete control over contracts and services

Through Tesis Suppliers, the IT organisation can have clear and complete control over its suppliers and their contracts. The IT manager can have evidence of existing and expiring contracts at all times, but most importantly he can constantly monitor the level of service provided by his partners.

The IT manager will be able to evaluate the utility and cost-effectiveness if the contracts include support for the company’s assets, compared to other economic choices. The ability to monitor the costs of supplies and suppliers will enable the IT manager to make better choices and decide whether to move developments of his projects inside or outside the organisation.

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