TESIS Email Agent enables integration with e-mail.

Through a simple email, a customer or business user can open a ticket to your Service Desk.

How it works

Tesis Email Agent is an email control system that allows users to operate mailboxes to open or update tickets and forward emails to specific users or customers to update them on the progress of their reports.

An email can be forwarded by a departmental user or customer to an appropriate mailbox to open a service request. Tesis Email Agent detects the arrival of this new email and processes it through rules that have been appropriately configured.

The opening of tickets within Tesis is processed through these settings that act on various information contained in the email, such as the sender, domain, specific words contained in the subject line or body text of the email.

Complex rules can be configured and can be associated with different mailboxes to ensure a broad level of configuration and scheduling of the opening process.

Tesis Email Agent Features

Rapid management, time-saving and increased process efficiency

Tesis Email Agent with its features responds to the continuous and pressing needs for quick management, time saving and increased process efficiency, while ensuring a high quality of communication.

Further advantages for your organisation

  • Saving time for ticket registration

  • Automatic user replies 24 hours

  • Automatic notifications to affected users

  • Speed of integration with other systems

  • Constant control and automatic status changes

  • The possibility of configuring sophisticated automatic rules

  • Customising messages

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