TESIS Connect is the module for integration with external applications

How it works

All modules in the Tesis suite have the features to feed their own basic data and, therefore, to enable proper management of service processes.

Tesis Connect is a set of features that facilitate integration with existing systems within IT and enterprise organizations, accelerating the initial start-up process and reducing the technical integration burden.

Over time, this ensures that data are constantly updated between the corporate databases and the Tesis database


Integrated procedures have the characteristic of running in the background with little or no visibility by operators and application users.

Tesis Connect provides reporting and alarming capabilities that are monitored by trained operators or by NewTeam through the dedicated support service.


  1. Speeding up the application startup process by reducing or eliminating the operational burden for the initial loading of source data.
  2. Data uniformity and consistency at the enterprise level through constant integration and updating. Sites, users, and assets, are referred to the same way throughout the enterprise, and Tesis integrates service information without the risk of using different codes or references. Economic data and management data are perfectly integrated with each other.
  3. Single sign on and Active Directory allow the operator to be able to leverage the same corporate credentials to access the application.

Two different integration modes

Tesis Connect runs in the background of applications that interface with the operator, ensuring that the visible data is perfectly aligned and consistent with the company’s data.

Specific Tesis Connect features

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