Warehouse management software module

TESIS Warehouse Manager is fully integrated into the TESIS suite.

Tesis Warehouse allows the use of existing information for proper and complete management of corporate assets

How it works

The warehouse handling that is determined by service processes, frequently turns out to be a problem, especially in regard to the correct link between the problem that caused the replacement and the replaced asset that is in stock. In nearly all cases, this means that the stock situation, and generally speaking the inventory situation, is not under control.

How to actually monitor inventory management?
Thus, the need to monitor inventory management and to control the service processes that use them, through automated and mutually integrated systems, becomes even more crucial.
Tesis Warehouse Manager can be configured to represent complex and structured logistics. Through user-friendly and simple configuration logic, physical and logical sites, multi-location warehouses, departments, and shelves can be represented to subdivide products in stock for quick tracking.

Tesis Warehouse features

The efficacy of specific configurable flows

Both traditional flows such as managing the loading and unloading of products and flows that integrate with technical assistance can be configured in Tesis Warehouse Manager.

Further advantages for your organisation

  • Organised management

  • Generating efficiency

  • Real photography

  • Easy integration

  • Serial number management and asset uniqueness

  • Unloading and loading process monitoring and tracking

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