Ticket opening and management module

TESIS Customer Portal is the TESIS module that

connects the customer, or business user, to your Service Desk allowing them to open and manage their own tickets.

How it works

TESIS Customer Portal is the TESIS module that allows the customer, or business user, to be able to open and manage their own tickets thus making communication with the operators efficient and quick. Through a streamlined, process-driven interface that can be configured to best meet their needs, customers can enter tickets, see their actual registration, and be able to monitor their progress and processing until they are completed.

After having completed the registration of his tickets, the customer will also have the advantage to interact with the help desk operators, throughout the process leading to the solution of his problem, without having to wait for their availability by phone. The customer, simply by logging in to a specific company address without installing anything, will be able to access an extremely fast dashboard that will allow the customer to be efficient and autonomous in registering its new tickets.

Tesis Customer Portal Features

On TESIS Customer Portal, logins can be configured for different types of customers or business users who will have the advantage of being able to see only information closely related to their user. Thus, profiles with different management responsibilities and views can be configured on TESIS Customer Portal to provide the customer with an highly efficient and effective interface to the Service Desk for managing business tickets.

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