Search engine for information retrieval in TESIS

TESIS Knowledge Base is an excellent search engine

for retrieving essential information.

How it works

TESIS Knowledge Base defines the roles and resources that are specifically designated to collect the information and write or produce the articles with clarity and competence.

Such knowledge workers ensure that the material that users access is accurate and that they always have the reference if any improvement is needed.

In general, TESIS is a database suite that provides a broad knowledge base, where the activities that each technician performs are collected and which, if properly processed, can be a resource of information to be shared within the service Through a statistical search engine, it is possible to determine the need for new supporting documents as well as, through advanced search functions, to collect useful information from tickets for inclusion in the article itself.

Tesis Knowledge Base Features

The power of Knowledge Workers

TESIS Knowledge Base ensures that the most relevant and up-to-date information is present within it and offers an excellent information retrieval system at the various stages of the service process.

Further advantages for your organisation

  • Constantly updated documents

  • Intelligent structure

  • Quick access, easy availability

  • Responsive interface

  • Web Accessibility

  • Contain also the storing spaces

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