Module to manage all stages of a project or contract

TESIS Project manager collects all activities carried out by resources, monitoring the phases, commitments, costs and associated resources. It allows managing the analysis, design, planning,implementation

How it works

Managing team activities
Through Tesis Project Manager, the technical organization can create various types of projects or work orders and have control over them at every stage

Have a comprehensive view of the activities of the support team
WithTesis Project Manager projects can be created that contain different types of activities, both ordinary and supplementary, such as training, meetings, holidays, permits. Following such an approach, a service organisation, whether simple or complex, can succeed in determining the commitments and workloads of its resources in order to carry out a more correct and careful planning of activities.

Manage different types of projects
With Tesis Project Manager, different types of projects can be created: from the installation of a new infrastructure, to the development of a new business application, or the deployment of a new software solution involving other internal resources in addition to suppliers, or work orders including the stages of a training project.

Tesis Project Manager features

The power of “Project manager”

With Tesis Project manager, it is possible to collect all activities carried out by resources, monitoring their phases, commitments, costs and associated resources.

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