Reporting and dashboard is the module for viewing management and performance data

All the indicators you need in a single screen

to have an overview of activities at a glance

How it works

As an easy-to-use tool in the Tesis suite, Tesis Reporting & Dashboard is designed specifically for information pertaining to technical assistance.

Through a facilitated access, the authorized operator can create information dashboards containing key indicators useful to the user. Accessibility in creating dashboards also becomes visible when the dashboards need to be customized to the new operating environment, new indicators and assistance processes.

Calculated data are also contained within the information layer, allowing for less effort in the design phase, reducing the computational burden and thus allowing for a quick dashboard presentation.

WithTesis Reporting & Dashboard it is possible to create several dashboards that can be accessed by different operators. Hence, specific dashboards can be created with only the information that is useful to the operator’s context of interest. With Tesis Reporting & Dashboard strategic dashboards can be created, analyzing and comparing a wide range of information based on data history. However, dashboards can also be created to monitor, manage and meter processes or operations on a shorter or immediate time scale.

Tesis Reporting & Dashboard Features

Accessible, user-friendly, adaptable

Tesis Reporting & Dashboard is a tool for clear and comprehensible data mining that is accessible, easy to use, and adaptable to the goals of the IT organization.

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