TESIS Service Desk is the TESIS specific module

for ticket management in technical support organizations.

In the ticket management process, service companies need a specific system that allows their simple, fast and correct registration and constant tracking of the ticket at all stages.

Tesis Service Desk is the process intelligence and allows the entire ticket management cycle to be monitored, from assignment, to intake, to the operational unfolding sequence, and enables the collected information to be converted into a database full of useful experiences to improve service processes.

a single collection, management and control point for tickets

a single work tool for asset management

a statistical basis for assessment of the work performed

Four of its main features

Versatility and configurability
With its powerful configuration capability, Tesis Service Desk facilitates the organisation and standardisation of customer service request flows, even in complex companies consisting of several locations, subsidiaries, both domestic and foreign.

Quick integration with other technical services
Tesis integrates with Active Directory and LDAP to enable rapid user identification. Through an automatic email system, Tesis allows simple communication with customers, both in opening tickets and in communicating their progress. Tesis can be integrated with accounting management, also optimising administrative processes, including, for example, the issuing of service invoices.

High customisation
Tesis Service Desk is able to scan and read the company’s typical ticket management process and adapt to it. In just a few quick steps, the process is represented within Tesis and the various users immediately become the main actors.

Thanks to the user friendliness, it is possible to collect data in real time, to quickly share the necessary information and to objectively represent the quality of the work carried out by the technicians, both in terms of speed of response and in terms of problem resolution.

Tesis Service Desk features

How to make your IT organisation dynamic and efficient?

By managing and monitoring activities through TESIS, IT team collaboration is optimised, enabling efficient communication and agile operations, regardless of where team members are. With the use of smartphones and tablets in an internet environment, managers can assess trends and intervene at any time and from any place.

Further advantages for your organisation

  • Multilingual

  • Multi-company

  • Compliance with ITIL best practice

  • Skills mapping

  • Tasks and assignment of activities

  • Skills mapping

  • Notice of ticket booking

  • Evidence of work progress

  • Monitoring external suppliers

  • Contact and process automation

  • Machine learning and continuous improvement

  • Resource optimisation

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